Southeast Corporate Headquarter Renovation

Owner: CCI Associates, LLC - Georgia

Delivery Method: Bid


130,000 square feet




6 months

Design Partners:

Gastinger Walker Hardin + Bee Triplett Buck


Phil Pilgrim

The Blue River group began construction for the southeast corporate headquarter renovations for a major telecommunications company in January of 2018 and completed the project of the 4 occupied floors in June of 2018. The project was the downsizing of a 130,000 square foot 24×7 telecommunication regional headquarters on seven floors onto four floors encompassing approximately 70,000 square feet. The project involved the downsizing and reconfiguration of an operational regional corporate office including the construction of new training rooms, break rooms, conference rooms, bathrooms, offices, and open work areas.  Blue River also participated in the coordination of swing space and relocation of existing employees into the newly configured floors.  This coordination effort required work completion in various partial floor areas to allow for the transition of workers from floor to floor. The Blue River Group performed initial budget feasibility studies for the client on multiple alternate models as well as complete preconstruction services on the existing space for the downsizing and tenant improvement of the facility.  The Blue River Group completed the renovations within budget and on schedule ahead of the lease end date for the “giveback” areas.

“Thanks for your help. Your efforts and dedication to this project have been truly remarkable. Believe me your efforts are noted and appreciated”
Dwayne Combs
Project Manager | PJM-I CBRE