Pre-Construction services


The Blue River Group Construction Management team offers pre-construction management services to the public building sector, with a concentration in educational, technology, and healthcare sectors.

The Blue River Group evaluates the cost, constructability, and schedule implications through conceptual budgets and generalized schedules to address the project’s commercial construction phase and outline overall project milestones long before the design is complete.

Our knowledge and expertise construction management gives The Blue River Group the upper hand in evaluating the project to ensure that gaps are covered, accurate budgets and schedules are developed and maintained, and the appropriate subcontractors are selected to meet the design intent exceeding our client’s expectations.

pre-construction | Guiding you in making sure everything is covered from the beginning

We think one step
ahead of the curve

Our pre-construction management team thinks proactively instead of reactively focusing on eliminating problems before they appear, versus responding to the events after they’ve happened. The more we can plan for the inevitable, the smoother the building process is for you. This mindset reaches down to everyone on our construction management team. If we are going to move your office around to do any commercial construction, we will reach out to each individual being affected by the move in your company to let them know the plans and what steps to take to make the process easier for them and in turn for us. The Blue River Group understands that the small measures put in place to make the whole building process run smoother add up to an enormous amount of savings, savings in time, savings in budget, and savings in stress.

Successful, on-time projects do not happen by accident. Commercial construction companies that are most effective do not experience fewer problems or less stressful situations – they consistently manage them to success.

Pre-Construction Case Study

Ga Tech Price Gilbert Library 2nd-Floor Renovation

Project Overview

In 2009, The Blue River Group was awarded a renovation project to provide pre-construction and construction management services for the Georgia Tech’s Price Gilbert Library. It included a phased renovation of the 1st floor West Common’s ceiling as well as the 2nd floor. Phase I included installing a scaffolding system to replace the acoustical ceiling, HVAC, and electrical systems, and the installation of a light-harvesting system to minimize lighting costs. Phase II included the abatement of hazardous materials from a prior 1970’s renovation and the renovation of the 2nd-floor library, allowing for raised ceilings and Georgia Tech’s first use of an LED lighting package.

Finished 4 weeks ahead of schedule and below the GMP

Due to budget challenges, The Blue River Group initiated construction after a three week GMP compilation, where Blue River was able to develop 10% in accepted value engineering that did not disrupt the intended program keeping Georgia Tech on Budget. The Blue River Group completed the 2nd-floor renovation, including its atrium ceiling system replacement, by installing a scaffolding system allowing the library to remain operational through the 1st phase. Construction for the project was completed four weeks ahead of schedule and below the original guaranteed maximum price (GMP).