Construction Management
at Risk Services

You’ve got a deadline to meet, and we’re committed to helping you achieve it

We cement our value as your leader in Construction Management at Risk by expertly negotiating the challenges that exist with today’s specialty construction systems, materials, and building methods.

The Blue River Group seamlessly works with the commercial construction partners and the client’s representatives to optimize the design, implementing appropriate systems while minimizing costs and schedule impacts. We negotiate a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) effectively sharing risk as well as ensuring that we meet the design intent, quality, cost, and schedule requirements. The Blue River Group implements proven construction management at-risk systems to competitively bid the work to skilled trade contractors according to their expertise.

As your mission-critical construction facilities management team, we are dedicated to minimizing the impact of construction and operation. This requires that we maintain sensitivity to all environments necessitating precise planning and follow-through, to create a pleasant building environment for your business with awareness and empathy to your company’s functionality and an open-door policy in order to have minimal impact on operations.

our construction management at risk
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You never have to worry about the small print with us... We’re an OPEN BOOK

This collective collaboration technique we use as your Construction Manager at Risk allows for an open book method of delivery and participation with the entire project team in system selection, budget choice, and implementation for increased value throughout the process. This approach allows for collaboration to achieve the best value while meeting schedule, cost, and quality goals.

As a means of checks and balances, we provide project and client-specific reports tracking the various aspects of your construction project, including budget and schedule management, client cash flow analysis, and other information you may require or find constructive, reassuring our clients that their mission-critical project is running on time and on budget.

Construction Management
at Risk Case Study

Arcade, GA New City Hall and Public Safety Renovation

Project Overview

The project consisted of the ground-up construction of a new 10,000 square foot city hall facility and the renovation and enlargement of the existing public safety facility. During the initial preconstruction phase, the team worked tirelessly to bring the project in budget and pushed hard to maintain the original project schedule promised to the city. Over the course of the year working together, Blue River and City of Arcade personnel became close friends. Jonathan and Barbara Kesler remain close to this day.

Our Construction Management provided beneficial cost savings

The project required a creative approach during the pre-construction phase to meet the city’s budgetary requirements. By adjusting grades to accomplish a level site requiring zero cut and fill, the grading costs were minimized, and the project maintained its program. Although the result of this adjustment required that the City Hall sit slightly below the existing grades of the public safety building, the cost savings were beneficial to the client and allowed the team to bring the project in on the extremely tight budget of $120.00 per square foot.