The Blue River Group embraces the belief in providing the most highly skilled and professional construction management services and delivery methods possible while emphasizing sensitivity to all working environments.

Years of construction management experience working in delicate operating environments, including telecom and data center construction, educational and religious campus construction, and state and federal government facility construction, have given us intimate knowledge and expertise in understanding our clients’ specific needs. Our extensive knowledgebase allows us to cater to the necessary construction coordination of specifications and precautions needed to minimize or eliminate any impact on our client’s operations while still reaching their construction target.

In conjunction with diminishing the impact of construction on the operation of the facilities we are working with, The Blue River Group’s construction management services are committed to preserving the environment’s integrity by incorporating sustainable construction practices as appropriate.

Safety is a not just a service requirement it’s a priority

Checks, checks, and re-checks are how we keep everyone safe, on budget, and on time with your project. We make sure all reports you request are accessible at all times, making you feel at ease and up to date on your project’s budget and schedule. We can perform construction services in 38 states, and our bonding capacity stands at $20 million, letting you know that we are 100% committed to the safety of our services on your project.

The Blue River Group employee putting on safety equipment including helmet, face shield, mask, and gloves
Subcontractor performing electrical construction services for HVAC project

Visionaries don’t just believe in new technology, they build upon it

As a means of reducing energy, material, and time consumption, building owners are looking for construction management services with the expertise to incorporate formulated integration systems to monitor numerous building functions within their renovations and new construction projects. Jonathan Clay, one of the founding members of The Blue River Group’s belief and commitment to educating and delivering this expanding technology, formulated at the company’s inception. He believes it is the right way to provide construction services.

Demographic changes, including population growth, water, energy shortage, air quality degradation, and consumption of arable land, necessitate stringent legislation and regulation requiring increasingly complex building designs to meet future buildings’ needs. Because of these expanding needs in the field, trade work is being completed by a growing list of discipline trades that excel within their technical scope of work. In addressing these critical construction issues, The Blue River Group’s objective is providing innovative construction services supporting the unique needs of their clients, bringing together the appropriate trade professionals, ensuring they meet ALL requirements, and filling all gaps so that the end result is a fully functional building provided at project completion with the least amount of headaches for our clients and team members. By working on these complex structures that focus on life cycle costs in place of initial construction costs, we positively affect the quality of life of the facility occupants and the surrounding communities as a whole.

It's not just putting faith in technology, it's faith in our people

To provide you with outstanding construction services, we hire and work with the best in the business. Every member of our construction team is an expert at what they do. We’re all on the same team, and that includes our clients. Like the formulated integration systems we build, our team works together with you, the subcontractors, and office staff, ensuring that each section is working in unison harmoniously.

Communication is the key to the unity we’ve perfected to provide you with the best construction services around the U.S. We have an open-door policy; if you have questions or concerns, we are always available to answer them or find the solution you need. You will never have to jump through hoops to get to us.

Our passion for our job and dedication to our clients are evident in every construction service we provide. The values incorporated into our company are not simple promises; they are fundamental to our business as bricks and mortar are to the buildings we construct.

This is our devotion to build.

The Blue River Group Services Mechanical Subcontractor making chilled water piping connections to new air handling unit.