General Contracting Construction Services

We’ve got moxie in the commercial construction business

The fortitude of good commercial construction lies in the hands of those that build it. Managing those hands correctly can mean maximizing the efficiency of your commercial construction budget bottom line. If your project is less complex, but well defined and designed, The Blue River Group can provide our general contracting services. Our construction network is strong because our reputation is built on the mutual respect we have with our subcontractors. When we work with you on a project, we make sure the systems and people we put on your team are competitively priced, experienced, and keep your project running like clockwork, on time, and within budget.

As your general contractor, we work hard to find the problems before they find you.

We leave no stone unturned

As your general contractor, The Blue River Group investigates access to any risk of cost escalation to you by working diligently to uncover any discrepancies, incomplete documents, or unforeseen conditions within the project prior to bidding. After the bid, our team continues to discover and resolve challenges before they become costly, time-consuming problems in the field.

A great commercial general contractor is worth their weight in gold, and The Blue River Group makes sure you get your money’s worth when we join your team. As your general contractor, we are an essential member of your construction team and work.

General Contracting Case Study

Southeast Corporate Headquarters Renovation

Project Overview

The Blue River Group was hired as General Contractor to renovate four occupied floors being downsized from seven floors for the southeastern headquarters of a national telecommunications company in Atlanta, Georgia. This project was particularly challenging because they were condensing various groups into new areas and combining them into new groups. Consequently, the sequencing and coordination with the various client contacts proved to be an ambitious task. Coordinated weekly owner, architect, and contractor meetings involving up to fifty participants as well as the handling of separate work words including telephone, data, security, and furniture relocations from multiple client contractors were required in addition to employee moves on an almost room by room basis.

Unforeseen Circumstances yet still delivered on time

The client requested Blue River to clean up any prior unforeseen, undesirable above ceiling conditions encountered during construction. It was determined that the bottom floor of the renovation in what was the original parking deck level would need to have 10,000 square feet of the cementitious floor slab topping removed. The condition was unknown during Blue River Group’s initial planning process and could be detrimental to the original schedule. The Blue River Group worked with the client and trade contractor partners to fix and mitigate the issue so that the completion date of the project would remain intact.


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