Director of Operations for The Blue River Group

Tony Watson began his journey with The Blue River Group as an intern while working on his Bachelor of Science in Building Construction at Georgia Institute of Technology, and was the first employee hired by The Blue River Group after its inception in 2004. He now serves as our Director of Operations with ownership interests. In addition to his responsibilities as the Director of Operations, he is the Safety Director for Blue River and is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the construction accounting system CMiC.

Tony has worked in a number of roles within The Blue River Group, gaining knowledge and experience along his career path. From overseeing the field operations of multiple technically complex projects as project superintendent to working as a project manager with an elite national electrical contractor on challenging mission-critical projects. Tony’s expertise in mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems are invaluable.

This experience allows Tony to provide Blue River with in-depth knowledge of the systems and methodologies critical to Blue River’s work in the mission-critical market. Tony’s strengths lie in his technical expertise and commitment to the successful and timely completion of each project.

“The Blue River team has provided exceptional expertise in the role of Construction Manager. The project has involved a complicated sequencing plan, the erection of a very intricate scaffolding system with a space containing large electrified computer furniture (immovable), and the necessity of completing the entire project in an occupied building. The level of professionalism and competence demonstrated by Blue River’s Management Team has been most impressive. The team’s emphasis on worksite safety, attention to providing effective dust/noise barriers, responsiveness in resolving a few unexpected issues as they arose, and achievement of project milestones on time; Blue River has been outstanding in these areas especially.

I also write to commend the Blue River Group’s Project Superintendent Tony Watson for his exceptional leadership on our extensive project to renovate the 2nd Floor and portion of the 1st Floor of the Price Gilbert Library.

As the Georgia Tech Library’s Project Coordinator for Facilities, for 11 years I have worked with a number of individuals who have served in the role of Project Superintendent on our renovation projects. Some of these individuals have performed very well; the project outcomes have been entirely satisfactory. But it is accurate to state that Tony Watson really guided this project to the next level of achievement. None I have worked with have matched Tony Watson’s commitment to excellence and his impeccable attention to every detail of the project. I was especially impressed with Tony’s emphasis on worksite safety, his ability to anticipate well and articulate clearly what was needed from the tradesmen. Tony’s focused, immediate, and positive response to every issue or concern that arose during the course of the project was outstanding."
Katherine Norris - Project Coordinator for Facilities
Georgia Tech Library