The Blue river group Company history

Working for clients since 2004

The Blue River Group was started in 2004 by Jonathan Clay, Larry Leroux, and Bob Feinstein  after working together managing a mid-sized regional general contractor. In 2016 Larry and Bob retired, and Jonathan, along with his wife Kelly, took over the firm.

The Clay family invested additional capital in the company to continue Blue River’s mission, fully developing its management systems onto a platform that would allow for its continued growth.

Kelly understands The Blue River Group mission as well as anyone, having worked with all three founders at their previous company and having been involved with Blue River since its inception. Her extensive knowledge in business and marketing development for the higher education and mission-critical market sectors and her experience in contract administration, human resources, and policy development have been invaluable assets to The Blue River Group’s success.

We work to alter our clients’ mindset concerning the building experience changing their perception of the construction process to an enjoyable one. Our capable managers work diligently to construct the facilities the customer needs for their core business or renovate/maintain their existing facilities in a manner we ensure will not impact our client’s current operations. We do this by becoming a trusted partner with our clients during the entire construction process, making sure they are involved and informed every step of the way. We are committed to clear communication with our clients because we understand that we are leading technically complex projects which require a high level of construction management and involvement and an open and unhindered line of communication with our clients.

We recognize the need for an experienced team on smaller projects, which allows us to fill a niche in the mission-critical market sector. Because we focus on our core competency and choose a flat overhead structure, we can provide our clients with the necessary level of expertise for any project.

When I think about what makes me most proud of Blue River, it has to be that we have been able to achieve what I believe is 100% client satisfaction. Some might say this was an unrealistic goal, but we’ve done it and we are going to continue to meet this goal, one build at a time.

Most of our employees who worked with Jonathan, Larry and Bob before we established The Blue River Group are still employed with Blue River today. As a small company with a national footprint, our field managers work on mission-critical projects throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. We embrace a diverse mobile workforce. Most of our clients are located outside the Atlanta area, allowing our project management staff to conduct business at their chosen locations. Because our team is so dedicated and our trust in them implicit, we allow them the freedom to determine how to manage their workday. This may mean allowing them the opportunity to volunteer at their kid’s school during the day and perform specific work tasks at night or working from home when their children are sick. We believe this freedom provides a better work/life balance as we grow and bring on more staff.

Our servant leadership model allows us to set the expectations to get the job done and allows employees the self-motivation and support to succeed in their commitment to the mission. They are team members and leaders who trust we are always available to assist when necessary and know when we need to be involved.

What truly sets us apart from other construction companies is our team. Many people like to think of construction management as a commodity. But, unlike many cookie-cutter construction projects, every project that we take on is one of a kind. A unique, planned, designed, and well-executed undertaking. We have implemented and developed a culture where success is the only option. Our team has bonded together to become a force forged out of grit and tenacity that does not quit, a team that we are proud of, and that our clients repeatedly compliment. Like every team, we each have strengths and weaknesses, but we work together as one unit, shoring each other up, assisting one another instead of competing against one another. It is a true TEAM, and it is what sets us apart from our competition. We call it The Blue River Way.