Generator Upgrade and Roof Replacement

A National Telecommunications Company

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build


15,339 square feet




5 months

Design Partners:



Phil Pilgrim

The generator upgrade and roof replacement project, starting in late July of 2017 and was completed in December 2017.  The Blue River Group removed an out of commission generator and underground storage tank and installed a new 1000KW generator with enclosure and sub-base tank, along with concrete paving and other site improvements.  The electrical scope of work also included the installation of two portable generator tap boxes, one isolation switch, and eleven new panel interiors. 

The Blue River Group also replaced the existing EPDM roofing system with a new modified bitumen roof.  The roofing project presented unique challenges in removing and installing roofing material beneath (2) 200-ton chillers mounted on support steel at the roof.  Eleven (11) individual MOPs were successfully performed during the twenty-one-week project including installation of panel interiors, cutover for the new generator and tap boxes, removal of the temporary generator, and a thermographic survey.  The electrical cutovers for the new panel interiors on this project were particularly complex due to the limitations of the battery life in the DC Power Plants. 

The Blue River Group worked closely with the engineer to ensure the equipment was closely monitored and the critical MOP work was completed well within the prescribed time allotment each night.

“I really appreciate the work you and Phil are doing to finish out this project. I have been a little distracted with training the last couple of weeks and it’s nice to be confident that I don’t have to be involved with every detail. Thanks."
Terry Middleton
Project Team Lead