Electrical Service Upgrade, Elkridge, MD

A National Telecommunications Company

Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk


10,000 square feet




5 months

Design Partners:

Shaffer, Wilson, Sarver, Gray, PC


Danny Garcia

Design and construction provided for the installation of the new 13.2 KV medium voltage switchgear, a new 3000A power service and switchboard and 1.5MG diesel generator inside the existing TCO space, new 6,000 gallon double wall AST with Veeder Root fuel monitoring system and installation of 2 CRAC units in existing switch room. 

There were 2 existing 3000A services at the site and a third was needed. The power authority required Sprint to add medium voltage service capability to the facility before they would provide an additional 3000A service in addition to the two services that were in place.

The new 13.2 KV switchboards were installed as well as three 3000A step down transformers, 2 for the existing services and one for the new 3000A service. The 2 existing services needed to be cut over to the new medium service primary feed to the facility which required a sequenced “hot” cutover for the two existing 3000A services. Temporary generators were used to provide power to the existing 3000A services during the cutover.

The plans to do this work involved the careful planning of extremely complicated MOPS where work was taking place through consecutive shifts until cutovers were completed.

The project started in late October of 2013 and was completed on schedule in March of 2014.

“Thank you for making the project run so smoothly. To be honest, it was like you were never here. You best believe that I will advocate for Blue River on our next project. We have done two here in Elkridge with you guys and both times it went smooth.”
Juan Silva
Site Manager