Fairfax Chiller and Roof Replacement

Owner: A National Telecommunication Company

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build


14,750 square feet




7 months

Design Partners:



Ernest Mendoza

The Chiller and Roof Replacement project, completed on schedule in March of 2018, involved the removal and replacement of two existing end of life 140-ton air cooled chillers from the roof while also replacing the entire 14,750 sf modified bitumen roof system. The sequencing for the replacement of the chillers required one chiller to be removed, replaced and validated before proceeding to the next chiller to maintain acceptable temperatures to the equipment rooms of the active mission critical facility.  Additional coordination was required to allow the chiller replacement to happen concurrently with the roof replacement to minimize overall project schedule and general conditions costs.  Additional complexities were encountered when the existing conditions did not match the as-built drawings so modified structural design and modifications were required for chiller roof mounted supports.

“Ernest Mendoza managed all the contractors while maintaining security and safety in an exceptional manner. He was pro-active in identifying areas of concern and addressing an issue before there were any problems. When problems did arise, Ernest worked to resolve the issues quickly without affecting the site’s daily operations. His diligence and dedication provided excellent management of the project and scheduling which allowed the project to be completed on time The construction project managed by The Blue River Group was superior to past construction projects at the site performed by other construction crews. The day to day construction activities, from start to completion went smoothly. I look forward to working with The Blue River Group in the future."
Leigh L. Wilson
Switch Operations Technician III