When our clients are in the early stages of planning their next construction project, they need a team member that is capable of evaluating cost, constructability and schedule implications of the project long before the design is complete, and in many cases they ask The Blue River Group to become involved when the project is nothing more than an idea, or sketch on the back of a napkin. At this point, we can develop conceptual budgets, and generalized schedules that not only address the construction phase of the project, but outline overall project milestones and assist our clients to ensure the project stays on track during the design and permitting phase of the project as well.

deco_01Our clients receive incredible value from The Blue River Group’s principal level involvement in all of our projects beginning at the preconstruction phase (as well as their continued leadership throughout all of the project phases). Our experience allows us to thoroughly evaluate the project to ensure that gaps are covered, accurate budgets and schedules are developed and maintained, and the appropriate subcontractors are solicited and selected to meet the design intent and to exceed our client expectations