General Contracting

When the lowest bid day price is required; or when a project is less complex, well defined and designed, General Contracting (Design-Bid-Build) may be the appropriate delivery method selected by our clients. In this scenario, The Blue River Group utilizes its experience as well as vast network of trade contractors to competitively bid the completed construction design documents.

deco_02Although this method of project delivery places increased risk of cost escalation on our clients as it may relate to incomplete documents and unforeseen conditions, The Blue River Group works diligently to uncover discrepancies prior to bid, thus better allowing our clients to compare the bids on an apples to apples basis. In addition, following the bid, we continue our efforts to discover and resolve challenges before they become costly and time consuming problems in the field. In this, as with all delivery methods, The Blue River Group becomes involved in, we become an effective member of our client’s construction team and work to ensure we exceed the Owner’s expectations