Construction Management @ Risk

As buildings and their systems increase in complexity, the avenues of risk that our clients, design partners and The Blue River Group must navigate increase in tandem. We believe this is why our clients are increasingly selecting The Blue River Group to provide Construction Management @ Risk services early in the construction process. In this scenario, we become our client’s construction team member, providing expertise, and assistance negotiating the challenges that exist with today’s construction systems, materials and methods of construction.

As your Construction Manager @ Risk, we become a valued member of your project team. We diligently work with the design partners and the client’s representatives to optimize the design in regard to implementation of appropriate systems and their associated costs and schedule impacts. At the appropriate time in the design process, we negotiate a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that effectively shares risk as well as ensure that the design intent, quality, cost and schedule requirements are met. Our principal project team leaders implement proven construction management systems to competitively bid the work to trade contractors that are appropriately selected for the type of work required. In addition, we provide project and client specific reports on a regular basis that track the various aspects of the project including budget and schedule management, client cash flow analysis and other information our clients may require or find helpful.

deco_atRiskUnder this delivery method, all of our business is conducted open book. Each member of our team is passionately involved in eliminating challenges before they become problems. We work collaboratively with the entire project team to select appropriate systems, establish appropriate budgets, and manage value throughout the process. This prevents the need to cut costs by eliminating scope, which regularly occurs under other delivery methods when a design is complete and determined to be over budget.

If you would like additional information regarding the benefits of Construction Management @ Risk, please click on the link to obtain a PowerPoint presentation providing a comparison of CM @ Risk to Design-Bid-Build.

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