St. Jude’s Recovery Center Clinic


Duration:  7 Months
Owner:  St. Jude’s Recovery Center, Inc.
Architect:  Gardner, Spencer, Smith, Tench & Jarbeau, P.C.
Delivery Method:  Construction Management @ Risk

Full project description

This will be a 2 story Health Care Clinic and office space for St. Jude’s Recovery Center and auxiliary space for St. Joseph’s Hospital and their Mercy Care Unit.

New Life Baptist Church – Multipurpose Facility


Duration:  5 Months
Owner:  New Life Baptist Church
Architect:  Rees Architecture
Value:  $3,765,210.00
Size:  41,500 Square Feet Build-Out, 165,000 Square Feet Building Forensic Investigation Including Roof & Skin Repairs, HVAC and Life Safety Completions, Site, Landscaping and Utility Package Completion
Delivery Method:  Construction Management @ Risk

trees 003 New Life Finish pics 083 New Life Finish pics 077 12-16-10 073 12-16-10 071

Full project description

The Blue River Group was brought on board to complete phase I of the project after the previous contractor had been released from the project.  Initial services included forensic investigation to determine repairs necessary to the site, building envelop and incomplete MEP systems to determine what was necessary to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for the entire building and site to allow for the church to move into a portion of the interior spaces to be used for these functions.  Phase I of the project was completed to the entire team’s satisfaction.

Georgia Institute of Technology – Price Gilbert Library 2nd Floor Renovation


Duration:  12 Weeks
(completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule)
Owner:  Georgia Institute of Technology
Architect:  Steve Cseplo, Project Architect, Georgia Institute of Technology
Value:  $481,301.00
Size:  12,000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Construction Management @ Risk

09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (5) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (7) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (11) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (13) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary

Full project description

The Blue River Group provided construction management services, including pre-construction services for the complete renovation of Georgia Tech’s Price Gilbert Library. The project included the phased renovation of the 1st floor West Common’s ceiling as well as the 12,000 square foot 2nd floor. The project was awarded and construction was initiated after a three week Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) compilation where The Blue River Group was able to develop 10% in accepted value engineering that did not disrupt the intended program and allowed Georgia Tech to remain within their Budget. Phase I of the project included the installation of a scaffolding system over the West Common’s area that was necessary to replace acoustical ceiling, HVAC and Electrical systems including Georgia Tech’s first installation of a Light Harvesting system to minimize lighting costs of the West Commons that is immediately adjacent to a large curtainwall system that provides adequate lighting under most daytime conditions. This work was completed within a four week window between the end of the spring semester and summer freshman orientation. This phase of the project was completed on time and included the installation and removal of the scaffolding system as well as removal and replacement of a section of curtainwall to allow for the delivery of materials and removal of waste. Phase II of the project included the abatement of hazardous materials included in the prior early 1970’s renovation and included new flooring, acoustical “clouds”, lighting, fabric “DuctSox” HVAC distribution and a new lighting package including Georgia Tech’s first LED lighting fixtures. The Blue River Group completed the project 4 weeks ahead of schedule and below the original GMP that included a 3% contingency. Katherine Norris, Price Gilbert Library’s Project Coordinator for Facilities commented: “The level of professionalism and competence demonstrated by Blue River’s Management Team has been most impressive.”

Telecommunication HVAC & Electrical Upgrade Projects, Various Locations, USA


  • Project Dates: Multiple Projects since 2004 all completed on schedule
  • Owner: Confidentiality Agreement in Effect
  • Architect: VARIOUS
  • Value: $30,425,427.00 combined to date
  • Size: Varies
  • Delivery Method: Construction Management @ Risk & Design-Bid-Build

Full project description

On an ongoing basis, The Blue River Group continues to be engaged by a national telecommunications company to complete HVAC, Fire Protection and Electrical System upgrades at their technical facilities throughout the United States. These projects may be as simple as adding a mechanical damper to an existing HVAC system to as complex as replacement of emergency generators, as well as replacement or addition of new Liebert CRAC units or other HVAC systems that require not only additional electrical requirements, but modifications to the fire alarm and building automation systems centrally controlled from an offsite location. The work is typically completed in operational telecommunication switch facilities and requires the project team to complete their work utilizing approved task specific Methods of Procedure (MOP’s) where the work is typically completed during jeopardy windows when switch traffic is minimized. The Blue River Group’s team go to extraordinary lengths to thoroughly pre-plan the individual tasks associated with the individual projects to ensure the success of the project team. Since 2004, The Blue River Group has completed this type project in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Puerto Rico. To ensure that we can continue to serve our clients across the country, The Blue River Group maintains current general contractor’s licenses in a number of states and quickly obtain additional licenses as necessary.

Northyards Parking Deck

Duration:  7 months
(completed on schedule)
Owner:  The Hawkins Companies
Tenant:  Turner Broadcast Studios – Game Tap Facility
Architect:  Foreman Seeley Fountain
Value:  $2,075,000.00
Size:  84,000 sf, 300 car parking capacity
Delivery Method:  Design-Build

Full project description

Design & Construction of a new 300 car cast-in-place parking deck in the Northyards Complex near downtown Atlanta. The Northyards Complex is home to many prestigious firms including Bauder College, Creative Loafing and The Turner Broadcast Studios’ Game Tap Facility.

Project required extensive remediation of unsuitable and contaminated soils as well as significant expansion and relocation of existing utility systems. Existing unsuitable subsurface conditions required the use of deep foundation systems to provide adequate bearing capacity for the 3 level parking structure.  The Blue River Group was selected by the Client to deliver the Project on a Design-Build basis to expedite project delivery and ensure the overall project budget was maintained. TBRG engaged the architects, structural and civil engineers as well as being responsible for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design. Expediting procedures were implemented to obtain the Building Permit from the City of Atlanta in the time frame required to meet the Client’s completion goals.

Unforeseen obstacles such as two, 10,000 gallon abandoned and leaking underground fuel tanks, undocumented City of Atlanta water and sewerage systems further complicated the already aggressive budget and schedule goals for the team, but TBRG views these types of challenges as part of the assignment.

The Project was completed ahead of the Client’s requirements and was ready for use when the Tenant move-in occurred.

Arcade City Hall & Public Safety Building, Arcade, Georgia

Duration:  8 months
(completed on schedule)
Owner:  City of Arcade, Georgia
Program Manager:  n/a
Architect:  Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects
Value:  $1,750,814.00
Size:  15,000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Construction Management @ Risk

Full project description

The Blue River Group provided construction management including preconstruction services on the phased 10,000 square foot two story new City Hall Building and 5,000 square foot renovation and expansion of the public safety building starting with a schematic budgeting and continuing through the completion of 100% Construction Documents. An extremely tight $/sf budget required a creative team approach to meet the programmatic and aesthetic requirements of the client. The building was recently dedicated to the Owner’s satisfaction and The Blue River Group plans to build upon the success of this project with future projects for the City of Arcade as well as other public entities.

Atlanta Telecommunications Mega Switch Expansion, Atlanta, Georgia

Duration:  11 months 
Owner:  Confidentiality Agreement in Effect
Architect:  George Butler Associates, Inc.
Kansas City, MO
Value   $4,076,344.00
Size 2,000 sq ft expansion & MEP Upgrades
Delivery   Design-Bid-Build

Full Project Description

Following a five contractor bid competition for the first phase of a South Atlanta Mega Switch expansion, The Blue River Group was selected and worked diligently with the architect and its client to insure the on-time completion of work. Based upon a tremendously successful first phase, the client elected to award phase two and three to The Blue River Group on a Construction Management @ Risk basis to allow for our early involvement and construction expertise.

Phase 1: Included the conversion of approximately 2,000 square feet of administrative space within the existing facility to new switch space, including additional Liebert CRAC units, switchgear, generator, access flooring, etc. In addition, the electrical distribution system was expanded to allow for the additional power requirements of the new switch space. A new chiller was added to provide chilled water for the newly incorporated Liebert units. Although small in size, phase one of the project included complicated electrical equipment conversions and additions that affected essential equipment throughout the facility. Specially trained teams were needed to perform “hot” work that was required to be completed during night “jeopardy” windows. The planning of this work required the development of many extremely intricate and lengthy Methods of Procedures. (MOP’s). In fact, over 40 MOP’s were required to be prepared and approved for the project. The extensive “jeopardy” work included in this project was performed without disruption or negative impact to the facility or critical systems. The owner and consultants often complimented us for the careful planning and thoroughness employed by our team throughout the project.

Phase 2: Included the hardening and conversion of an existing adjacent warehouse into new electrical equipment space to include a new 3000A electrical service, one new 1500KW generator with associated underground fuel storage, and preparation for an additional generator to be added at a later date. New electrical services, automatic transfer switches, and associated equipment including electrical feeds to the adjacent switch space is included in this phase. This phase also includes a new 190 ton air cooled chiller, and other associated utility service requirements preparing for the additional switch space to be added in phase 3.

Phase 3: The Blue River Group was engaged in December of 2007 to begin preconstruction services for phase 3 of the facility expansion by providing constructability and schedule review for the 20,000 square foot vertical expansion to the Atlanta Mega Switch. This phase of the project will include a two story expansion to the existing switch facility, including additional power and cooling capacity associated with the building expansion. The vertical expansion will be constructed directly above an operating switch room. Our management teams have been involved with many vertical expansions to telecommunication facilities in the past. We have a long and successful history of performing this type of work without jeopardizing facility operations. This phase of the project is currently being designed with an anticipated construction start of June 2008. The building structure is currently anticipated to be poured in place concrete with formed in place concrete wall panel construction.

3065 Cumberland 1st Floor Renovation – Atlanta, Georgia

Duration:  Under 3 months
(completed ahead of schedule)
Building Owner:  Pope & Land
Program Manager:  Jones Lang LaSalle
Architect:  Acquilano Leslie, Inc.
Value:  $610,618.00
Size:  20,000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Design-Bid-Build

Full project description

This fast paced 10 week project included the demolition and re-construction of the entire first floor of the 3065 Cumberland Boulevard Building. The complex demolition phase included the removal of a data center including access flooring, chilled water Liebert HVAC units as well as the FM200 fire suppression system before the new construction could commence. The project schedule was also challenged by the operational executive conference space immediately below the work area that required The Blue River Group’s project team to be extremely sensitive to noise during work hours. To complete the project on schedule, all subcontracts were executed within 5 work days from notice to proceed. All submittals including a complete new HVAC system, Herculite doors, long lead plastic laminate selections, lighting and doors & hardware were critical to project completion and were submitted and approved within the first two weeks. In addition, The Blue River Group had to complete its above ceilings inspections in sections to allow the client to complete its tel/data reconfiguration requirements for not only the 1st floor but also switchover connections to the operational space on the floors above. In the end, the program manager, architect and construction team worked as a team to ensure the project was completed ahead of the required move schedule and under budget.

Braselton Library, Town of Braselton, Georgia


Duration:  9 months
(completed on schedule)
Owner:  Town of Braselton, Georgia
Architect:  Red Thunder Studios
Value:  $1,368,128.00
Size:  10,000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Design-Bid-Build

Braselton Library Interior 03 CIMG0368 Braselton Interior 02

Full project description

The new library consists of a 10,000 square foot single story wood framed structure. It includes separate adult and children’s reading rooms as well as auxiliary meeting space and a self enclosed retail area. Separate lounge and work room space provide a retreat for the library staff. The low country design of the library compliments Braselton’s architecture as well as provides a full wrap around porch for relaxed weekend reading. Building complexities include a dual metal roof system including metal shingles on the high slopes and standing seam metal on the low sloping porch. Stained and stamped concrete resembling wood planks were utilized on the porch as well as vinyl/aluminum composite rails to provide a long life / low maintenance alternative to typical porch design.

Cosby Academic Center Fire Protection Upgrades, Spelman College – Atlanta, Georgia

Duration:  2 months
(completed on schedule)
Owner:  Spelman College
Program Manager:  Clement & Wynn Program Management
Architect:  Lord Aeck Sargent Architecture
Value:  $203,316.00
Size:  20,000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Construction Manager @ Risk

Full project description

The Blue River Group provided construction management services on this extremely fast paced interior renovation of Spelman College’s Cosby Academic Center’s 3rd and 4th floor classrooms and office space. Project duration from notice to proceed to final completion was 3-1/2 weeks. The Blue River Group’s crews worked seven days a week, including evening and night work to ensure that renovation was complete prior to the return of faculty in early August. The success of this project, which project architect Meg Needle referenced its completion as “a miracle”, provides evidence that The Blue River Group has successfully continued to build upon previous relationships with its clients.