New Telecommunications Switch Facility – Hammond, LA

Construction Duration
9 Months
Owner:  Confidentiality Agreement in Effect
Architect:  George Butler Associates, Inc.
Kansas City, MO
Value:  $11,350,000.00
Size:  21,600 square feet
Delivery Method:  Construction Management @ Risk

 project description

Greenfield construction of a new 21,600 sf telecommunications switch facility. Design and construction provides for 10,000 sf of future expansion with structurally compacted fill, exterior wall “knock out panels” and equipment pads and piping for future chillers, generator and fuel storage systems.

In addition to its Switch facility function, the building is also designed to serve as the regional crisis headquarters and response center in the event of an incident such as Hurricane Katrina which devastated the area in 2005. All telephone carriers were out of service for weeks as a result of that situation. This facility is considered state of the art in its ability to withstand these events in order to ensure reliability of the network under the most severe conditions.

Initially the Client approached The Blue River Group with an emphasized need to complete construction as quickly as possible to allow migration of traffic from other vulnerable facilities. We quickly developed a schedule and a plan that would allow for budgeting, subcontractor bidding and construction within a 12 month duration if certain early milestones could be achieved. Upon review of the preliminary analysis by TBRG, the Client awarded us the Project in early December of 2006 and allowed preconstruction planning to begin in earnest.

Budgeting was accepted in late January and subcontractor bidding and award, as well as establishment of a Guaranteed Maximum Price was complete in February. Mobilization and sitework commenced in March 2006. Substantial completion was achieved a mere 9 months later allowing the Client’s installation of the actual telephone switch equipment to start in December 2007.

Initial internal planning by the Client anticipated that this milestone would not occur until July 2008, some 7 months later than actually occurred.

BioScrip Pharmacy, Atlanta, Georgia

Duration:  3 months
(completed on schedule)
Owner:  BioScrip
Architect:  WCL Associates, Inc.
Value:  $165,745.00
Size:  3000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Design-Bid-Build

Full project description

The Blue River Group provided general contracting services on this extremely fast paced complete interior demolition and renovation of approximately 3,000 square feet of Bio Scrip’s pharmacy space. Project duration from notice to proceed to final completion was approximately 7 weeks, including a very challenging inspection schedule from The City of Atlanta. The Blue River Group’s crews work included evenings and weekends to ensure that renovation was complete prior to the stores pre-advertised opening date.