Our Name

The Blue River Group, LLC, is derived from our founding philosophy. Provide the most highly skilled and professional construction services possible while placing an emphasis on sensitivity to all environments within which we work. We have been doing this now for 10 years.

offices-outsideThe years of experience gained working within sensitive operating environments such as regional malls, live telecommunication switching centers, operating office buildings and hotels, educational and religious campuses, State and Federal government facilities and heavily urbanized areas have allowed the honing of the skills required to allow us to foresee the needs of our clients. This experience, insight and understanding ensure that impact on our client’s operation is minimized, if not completely eliminated, while accomplishing their construction goals.

Of equal importance in the long-term philosophy of our organization is minimizing the impact of construction and operation of the facilities that we build on our natural environment. Blue River is committed to preserving the integrity of our wetlands as well as other natural resources by incorporating sustainable construction practices as appropriate.

offices-indiseNow more than ever, building owners are seeking and designers are incorporating integrated and commissioned building systems.  These systems are capable of monitoring many building functions including control of indoor air quality, moisture and lighting. This is a continually evolving field with new expertise being developed very quickly. The founding members of TBRG were committed to this effort before it became popular because they believed it was the right way to deliver construction services. In fact,  Jonathan Clay commissioned their first project for Georgia State University in 1995.  Jonathan Clay is a founding member of the board of directors of the Southeast Chapter of the Building Commissioning Association, and previously served as vice president of the chapter, and has developed a respected reputation for being an outspoken and vocal proponent of this effort.

Our Mission & Philosophy

“Establish The Blue River Group as visionary provider of construction management services.”

mapDemographic changes, population growth, water and energy scarcity, legislation and regulation as well as consumption of arable land all necessitate increasingly complex building designs. Addressing these critical issues while providing visionary construction services, positively affecting the quality of life in the surrounding communities, is the mission of The Blue River Group.

Our passion is evident in all of our business dealings. To us, the values incorporated into our passion statement are not simply promises; they are as fundamental to our business as the bricks and mortar of our buildings. This is our passion. This is our business.

We have a passion
for the relationships we build
for the people we employ
for the communities we operate within
for the buildings we construct