Georgia Institute of Technology – Price Gilbert Library 2nd Floor Renovation


Duration:  12 Weeks
(completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule)
Owner:  Georgia Institute of Technology
Architect:  Steve Cseplo, Project Architect, Georgia Institute of Technology
Value:  $481,301.00
Size:  12,000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Construction Management @ Risk

09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (5) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (7) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (11) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary (13) 09.08.13 GA Tech Price Gilbert LIbrary

Full project description

The Blue River Group provided construction management services, including pre-construction services for the complete renovation of Georgia Tech’s Price Gilbert Library. The project included the phased renovation of the 1st floor West Common’s ceiling as well as the 12,000 square foot 2nd floor. The project was awarded and construction was initiated after a three week Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) compilation where The Blue River Group was able to develop 10% in accepted value engineering that did not disrupt the intended program and allowed Georgia Tech to remain within their Budget. Phase I of the project included the installation of a scaffolding system over the West Common’s area that was necessary to replace acoustical ceiling, HVAC and Electrical systems including Georgia Tech’s first installation of a Light Harvesting system to minimize lighting costs of the West Commons that is immediately adjacent to a large curtainwall system that provides adequate lighting under most daytime conditions. This work was completed within a four week window between the end of the spring semester and summer freshman orientation. This phase of the project was completed on time and included the installation and removal of the scaffolding system as well as removal and replacement of a section of curtainwall to allow for the delivery of materials and removal of waste. Phase II of the project included the abatement of hazardous materials included in the prior early 1970’s renovation and included new flooring, acoustical “clouds”, lighting, fabric “DuctSox” HVAC distribution and a new lighting package including Georgia Tech’s first LED lighting fixtures. The Blue River Group completed the project 4 weeks ahead of schedule and below the original GMP that included a 3% contingency. Katherine Norris, Price Gilbert Library’s Project Coordinator for Facilities commented: “The level of professionalism and competence demonstrated by Blue River’s Management Team has been most impressive.”