Arcade City Hall & Public Safety Building, Arcade, Georgia

Duration:  8 months
(completed on schedule)
Owner:  City of Arcade, Georgia
Program Manager:  n/a
Architect:  Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects
Value:  $1,750,814.00
Size:  15,000 square feet
Delivery Method:  Construction Management @ Risk

Full project description

The Blue River Group provided construction management including preconstruction services on the phased 10,000 square foot two story new City Hall Building and 5,000 square foot renovation and expansion of the public safety building starting with a schematic budgeting and continuing through the completion of 100% Construction Documents. An extremely tight $/sf budget required a creative team approach to meet the programmatic and aesthetic requirements of the client. The building was recently dedicated to the Owner’s satisfaction and The Blue River Group plans to build upon the success of this project with future projects for the City of Arcade as well as other public entities.